Dedicated Server RAM-Fundamentals Eplained

Growing pains don’t have to be painful at all, if you know how to prepare for them. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of the online business or website. In the early days, you probably started with free or shared web hosting. This was fine for a time until you started to grow. Then, you likely needed to bump things up to a virtual private server before more growth meant more power. Eventually, you found yourself needing a dedicated server to handle all the oncoming web traffic. But even dedicated servers can be limited in the things that they can accomplish and the amount of traffic that they can handle. That’s why, if you are at your breaking point, you need to do two things: 1) Don’t panic. It’s a good problem to have. And 2) Upgrade RAM to handle more visitors. There are reasons this upgrade will always be one worth making. Click  dedicated server ram 

First of all, more traffic means more notoriety and, likely, more revenue. Your goal, if you have a web presence, should be to get as many people as possible out there to know about you and look at you as an authority on whatever your industry is. If you owned a restaurant and regularly had to turn away customers, you wouldn’t just constantly lose business because of space constraints would you? No, you would likely take the growth that you have accumulated and apply it toward a bigger facility. From there, the hope would be to fill that up eventually as well. The same is true when it comes to dedicated server RAM upgrades.

Secondly, the speed and convenience with which your visitors attend your website will improve along with the upgrade in RAM. The amount of computing power that you have on your server plays a major role in the speed and uptime that you have as a website. With more speed and longer uptime, you show that you have your customers and their experience with your site at heart. This will not go unnoticed by them. If you begin to max out your current capabilities, and you are experiencing downtime or complaints from visitors about sluggish operation, then it’s important that you upgrade your RAM immediately.

Finally, you may eventually think about adding even more power to your capabilities through multiple servers. Multiple dedicated servers or cloud web hosting can both cause your site to run even faster through the benefit of redundancy. If something should happen to one, it is always good to have a backup in place. But at the very least you need to be paying close attention to your RAM usage in order to make the user experience the best it can possibly be.